Audrey The Rescue Dog Benefit Livestream Concert

Jessica's Living Room

A Livestream Benefit Concert for Audrey the Rescue Dog. Audrey was found abandoned with both of her back legs severed by a rescue team in Texas and was adopted last year by Jessica & her husband Steve. Since adopting Audrey, she has gone through 5 surgeries and continues to have significant medical expenses on her journey to healing. Although there was a concert fundraising event for her prosthetic legs last year, unfortunately, with her non-healing chronic wounds and several more procedures since then, Audrey is in need of a new pair of prosthetics as well as more testing to help hopefully heal her once and for all.

Jessica and her band will perform a cozy, living-room holiday concert filled with all of your favorite holiday classics to benefit this amazing dog. ALL proceeds from this show will go directly to Audrey's expenses. Our goal is approximately $8,000.00 to cover her new devices, an MRI, as well as weekly acupuncture to help her regain feeling in her hind-end.

Thank you all so much for your kindness and compassion. We will see you at the show!