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The brand new single from Jessica Lynn's upcoming debut studio EP.


((Verse 1))
Today I found out my man had one on the side
I knew that all my fears that kept me up at night were true, look at you.
Thought that you were clever, thought you’d double dip,
For that you need some brains my man and you got gypped, it’s true, look at you.
You ain’t got nothing if you don’t got me
So good luck baby you are gonna see
That I was the best you’d ever meet
So take a good look as you watch me leave.
I’m not your woman, I’m not your toy
I’m not someone you run around on then come back to little boy.
I’m not angry, not even sad.
I’m just glad I know by now that you are nothin’ more than bad.
I’m through, I’m done, ain’t no more I can say except
It’s too late now, just get outta my way, hey hey hey.
((Verse 2))
I’m sick of all your phone calls, all your mail, that gift,
I threw it in the trash after I opened it, it’s true. Look at you.
Trying to make up for everything you’ve done, you should have thought of that before you had your fun, it’s true. Boo hoo.
And it just feels so good that...