1. Crazy Idea
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I spent the summer watching,
how she broke you down.

We stayed up all night talking,
Tryin’ to work it out.

I’d never hurt you that way.


I’ve got this crazy idea,
Why don’t you call me baby?
I’ve got this feelin’ that you can
really be the one.
I’ve got this cravin’ for you.
I think you’re feelin’ it too.
So don’t be shy now, let’s try now.
Move a little closer to me.

You put your arms around me,
I feel so alive.

And then I feel you wanting,
Kiss me. It’s alright.

It’s taken us way too long,
But now we’re where we belong.


I know that this could be…. Oooh.
Baby with me you’ll see,
that just maybe crazy’s alright tonite.