"Try" Live from Jessica Lynn's upcoming full length concert television special, Jessica Lynn - Takin' Over - Live at the Paramount." Coming Soon.


I was having such a good time till you came, everyone knows your name
You have quite a big reputation.
You, you’re starin’ every girl here down, then you wait till they turn around
To try to move in on their man
Well that ain’t workin’ this time, you ain’t committing that crime, girl I’d make a new game plan fast.
You’re nothin’ but bad news, know all about them girls like you
Twirl your hair, pout your lips, bat those eyes and shake those hips
Girl you think that you’re lookin’ fine, but I’d really like to see you
((Verse 2))
He, he’s too good for all of that, to fall right in to your trap
He only has eyes for one girl.
You, you can wink you can sip on your drink, and continue to think what you think
But he’ll never be your next prize.
((Repeat Prechorus and Chorus))
You’re the wind to my flame, the rain on my parade, but I’ll have the last laugh tonight.
((Chorus w/tag)
Oh girl I’d like to see you, if I were you I wouldn’t try.