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"They Say," from Jessica Lynn's upcoming full length concert television special, "Jessica Lynn - Takin' Over - Live at the Paramount."


They Say
(((Verse 1))
They say to take it slow
They say that we’re too young
But they don’t know a thing ‘bout what it’s like to be in love.
They say that we are crazy
But crazy’s a good thing
And me and you my baby are just how it’s supposed to be.

This could really be the start of what I’ve waited, waited my whole life to find
And you could really be the one that I have dreamed of, wished for every single night
And nothings ever gonna change my mind.

((Verse 2))
I’m gonna follow my heart, wherever it may lead
And I know it’s taking me right to where you will be.
We’re gonna stay this strong, no matter what comes next
No obstacle, bump in the roads, a match for us or test.