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"Pretty," from Jessica Lynn's upcoming full length concert television special, "Jessica Lynn - Takin' Over - Live at the Paramount." Coming soon.


((Verse 1))
I wanna wear my hair like that, it looks so good on her.
I wanna be real thin and tall, a model type of girl
It’s so pretty, so pretty.
I wanna buy those brand new jeans, the ones that Amy wears.
Buy that stuff to cover up, all my marks like Claire.
She’s so pretty, so pretty.
It never seems I’m good enough, no matter what I do
And every day I find myself comparing me to you.
I wanna be pretty, so pretty.
((Verse 2))
I wanna change the way I smile, to hide my crooked teeth.
Spray myself with all that bronze, for a tan from the beach.
It’s so pretty, so pretty.
I always have to paint my nails, and get the coolest shoes.
Practice that cute girly laugh, ‘cause that’s what all them do.
I hope I’m pretty, so pretty.
((Repeat Chorus))
((Last Chorus))
I hope you realize, you don’t need all of that.
You’re perfect how you are and baby that’s a fact.
One day he’ll come along and change your worried mind.
He’ll tell you that you’re all he’s wanted all his life,
He’ll think you’re pretty, so pretty.
Just the way you are…. You’ll feel pretty
Just the way you are…
Just the way you are.