"Roadhouse," from Jessica Lynn's upcoming full length concert television special, "Jessica Lynn - Takin' Over - Live at the Paramount." Coming Christmas 2014.


((Verse 1))
It’s ten o’clock I’m makin’ my way to the front door.
It’s a Friday night and things are feelin’ right on.
I’ve waited all week just to have a good time so get ready all right cause I’m here tonight

Let’s turn this place into a roadhouse, Let’s get those girls up on the bar
Let’s start up the dirty dancin’, And turn those lights down after dark
Let’s turn up that country music, Clear those tables off the floor
And turn this place into a roadhouse, Rockin’, Rollin’, Rowdy bar

It’s one o’clock the party’s still just gettin’ started.
And we aint’ a stoppin’ till the sun comes knockin’.
So until the morning comes let’s get down and drink up, so bartender right here won’t you fill up my cup?

((Repeat Chorus))


((Repeat Chorus))